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Rowing for everyone (adults, 18+)!

London Putney open house event

Free taster session! Between 2 and 5 PM on the 24th of April. Sign up now and join us off and on the water!

About TopRow London

TopRow London is based in Putney, the section of the Thames which is famous for hosting the annual Oxford vs Cambridge Boat Race. TopRow offers a wide range of rowing courses for all levels. Our professional team will guide you on the water, teaching you the rowing technique during well organised lessons. Providing everything you would need for a session on the water, TopRow is the perfect place for you to pick up the oars.

Since Summer 2020 TopRow has a second location: The Royal Docks, where you can row with the backdrop of the City of London.

Annual program 2023

– Winter: January – February 
– Spring 1: March – May
– Spring 2: May – June
– Summer: July – August
– Fall 1: September – October
– Fall 2: November – December

Learn to Row

Unlike most other sports, rowing can be learned at any age and fitness level! Taking a Learn to Row course with TopRow is a great way to get fit, have fun, and enjoy the beauty of the river against the backdrop of the city. Classes will start every 8 weeks from March until December at Putney Embankment on the River Thames.

Learn to Scull

As rowing is one of the biggest sports in the country, why not continue your rowing skills by taking your technique to the next level and learn sculling (2 oars). When you have finished LTR2, you can progress to the Learn to Scull course. Learn more about technique and movements in the boat!

Advanced Rowing Courses

 Have you finished the Intermediate 2 rowing course, or have you rowed at university, college, school or elsewhere?

If you book this course you can enjoy rowing on the river once or twice a week under the guidance of an instructor.

Private Lessons

Just want to give rowing a try? Or want to progress your skills further? TopRow offers private lessons with an experienced instructor to ensure that the focus is on you. The lessons can be tailored to your level and can target specific aspects you want to work on.

TopRow Location Putney Embankment

TopRow Location Royal Docks


TopRow London
Embankment, Putney,
London SW15 1LB
(London Rowing Club)

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