Corporate Rowing Events

An unbeatable experience for you and your team

Corporate Rowing Events

Looking for a great teambuilding activity for the office? Or simply a fun day out that the whole team will love? Look no further, we’ve got the perfect thing. 

TopRow have delivered hundreds of corporate rowing days, where teams of any size come to have some fun on the water. Our experienced instructors will take you through the rowing stroke on the rowing machine, then on the water, before a little bit of competitive fun!

What you can expect on the day:

  • Team welcome
  • Introduction to the rowing stroke on rowing machines
  • Rowing whilst stationary on the water
  • Row up to Fulham football stadium on the water and give your teammates a race back
  • Everything provided on the day, including wellies and equipment. All you need is activewear

Every boat will be a group of 4. Instructors will accompany every boat. 



  • Time: 2 hours
  • Number of participants: minimum 8, maximum 20
  • Price:  £85 (incl VAT) per person


What should I wear?
Layers are your best bet for cold weather rowing. Keep in mind that the clothes you wear will very likely get dirty so please wear clothing that you do not mind getting wet. It is best to wear form-fitting clothing like Lycra. This type of clothing is less likely to get in the way while rowing.
Are there showers and changing rooms at the boathouse?
There are showers and a small changing room. Feel free to change once you arrive at the boathouse.
Where can I park?
Parking at the Putney Embankment is not advisable, however, there are some limited streets to find parking.

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